Weight Loss & Nutrition

Summer body. High school skinny. Fighting weight. What it says on your driver’s license… ? Whatever you want to call it –it’s time to put a number down and go for it.

You’ve got two choices. If only a few pounds separate you and your goal – choose the 10 Day. If there’s more than a few – choose the 10 + 30.


The Clean, Burn and Shape 10 Day Program will have you seeing and feeling results faster than you thought possible. You can be sure the first 10 days will be the most excitin​g and rewarding. Be sure to take your Before picture, record your weight, and take your measurements before you begin because many people will see results quickly.



Benefits & Supplement Facts

Clean assists in nourishing the body with nutrients that help in clearing out and detoxifying unwanted substances from your body.*


  • Helps reduce occasional bloating.*
  • Supports detoxification and regularity.*

Burn is your daily partner in weight loss throughout your 100-day transformation, helping fan the flames of your weight loss efforts in a variety of ways.

  • Supports healthy after meal glucose levels.*
  • Supports the body’s ability to lose weight naturally.*
  • Supports a healthy lean mass to fat mass ratio.*

Shape is a Hyper Premium chocolate nutritional shake full of nutrition including huge amounts of greens, vitamins, minerals and flavor. Curbing cravings and satisfying hunger is Shape’s specialty.


  • Lose weight, particularly if you replace a meal with Orenda Shape every day.
  • Helps your digestion and regularity.
  • Reduce and replace junk food cravings
  • Saves you money. Orenda Shape is less expensive than common lunches and dinners (including fast food options) while delivering a monster dose of nutrition in every sip.








2 packets of CLEAN

3 BURN capsules

1 vanilla SHAPE shake



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